Welcome to my new and improved blog! I know you’ll find it to be new and I HOPE you’ll find it to be improved…otherwise I’ve just wasted a whole lotta time 🙂 Please take a moment to explore my website and don’t forget to follow me by clicking on the button down below! I’d love to read your comments on individual posts as well.

SO….what’s new?

1) I’m now using WordPress instead of Blogger which should allow me to customize the blog a little bit more! There’s a lot more to learn with the option to customize, but I think it will be a whole lot better and easier to use once I figure it out! Hopefully I’ll be more happy with the final product as well. Blogger was becoming very frustrating because I was so limited with what I could do.

2) I have my own domain name! Yup, that’s right. Now it’s just thenewellsletter.com. No the newlsletter.whatever.com! I LOVE the name and owe endless thanks to my in-laws for coming up with it 🙂 I stole it from their Christmas letters! I always thought my maiden name was more unique than my married name but it can’t get any better than thenewellsletter…seriously so clever!

HAPPINESS is a habit

3) It should be easier to comment on individual posts now. You’ll also be able to share my posts on other social media platforms! Apparently, you could do that with my old blog too but it’s more apparent on this blog. I’m “attempting”/considering entering the big world of blogging and getting a following which means 2 things.

a) I’ll have to be more careful about what I post for security purposes. I’m hoping you’ll still enjoy it just as much but I probably won’t be able to be quite as personal! Don’t worry, it will still be ME.

b) I’d love for you to comment on my posts and share them on other social media platforms!

Comments Welcome!

4) I’ve got pages now! You’ll find them at the top of my blog. There’s “About”, “Contact”, “Tastefully Simple”, and “Young Living Essential Oils”. These pages are a great way for people to easily find my Tastefully Simple website, information about essential oils and signing up, and information about me and how to get in touch! You’ll notice only my email is listed in the contact section! My close family and friends have my number if they need/want to get a hold of me. My email is for “other” people (my future followers!) trying to get a hold of me.

5) You may see occasional ads. This is because this site is mostly free for me to use (I pay for the domain name). Blogger was free too, but had less options! The ads are here so that WordPress can run their business and I can use it for FREE! If I make it to the major leagues of blogging I’ll fork out the money to not have ads 🙂

6) You’ll still find great blog posts (that’s debatable, I’m sure)! I’ll mostly blog about DIY adventures (woodworking, cooking, photography, crafts, etc.) as well as personal adventures (trips and vacations, nursing stories, everyday “life happens” funny stories, etc.).

I’m excited to start this new blogging journey! Comment below with any blog posts you’d like to see in the future! I’d also love to hear what you like about the new sight and what you miss from the old site! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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