Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.

4 Seasons. Four. DIFFERENT. Seasons.

I like all of the seasons. I typed this one up a long time ago after a hike with Jake and forgot to post it! Let me tell you about the seasons of North Carolina.

Summer:  This season actually occurs during the Fall months. The leaves do change color and fall, but it’s still shorts and T-shirt weather. Yesterday (October 25) Daniel and I went to the beach and swam in the ocean. Sounds like summer to me. Also…shorts and T-shirt weather = Summer!

Spring Teaser in MT/Snowpocalypse:  Winter in North Carolina is actually like those Winter days in MT that give everyone hope that Spring is on the way. Those days where everyone on campus is sporting shorts and flip flops even though it’s still a bit chilly. There may be a dusting of snow but the sun is shining and it’s gone by afternoon. Occasionally…there is a snowpocalypse. A snowpocalypse occurs when there’s a dusting of snow that doesn’t melt by afternoon. School and work are cancelled and the grocery stores run out of bread and milk.

Miserable Summer:  Miserable Summer occurs during Spring and makes you worry about the Summer that is on its way!

Don’t Go Outside:  This season occurs during Summer. It’s hot, humid, and miserable. All the creeks and ponds that were lovely during Spring Teaser (actually Winter) and Summer (actually Spring) are now disgusting. The nice hike is now spent fighting through cob webs. It’s gross.

Now let me tell you about the seasons in Montana!

Enjoyable Fall:  Beautiful. Friday night lights. Hunting. Perfection.

Enjoyable Winter:  Sure, it’s cold. BUT IT’S STILL BEAUTIFUL AND FUN! A break from the heat is nice too! Sledding and skiing. Hot chocolate. A WHITE Christmas. Perfection.

Enjoyable Spring:  Spring Skiing. Flowers start blooming. Perfection.

Enjoyable Summer:  Hiking. Camping. Swimming. All of these happen in North Carolina too, but you’re not miserably hot and sweaty while doing them. A/C is nice but not necessary. Perfection.

Montana is calling my name!


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