Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Part 1: My Why

Welcome to part 1 of my Adventures in Cloth Diapering blog series! This series will include my why, my hesitations, my stash, my storage, and my experiences (good and bad) with cloth diapering! Today is all about why I’ve we’ve I’ve (D is completely on board…but probably wouldn’t have chosen cloth if I wasn’t pushing for it!) chosen to cloth diaper! I started researching cloth diapering YEARS ago (at least 2…maybe even 3)! For whatever reason, it seemed like something I should look into. Keep reading to find out what I discovered!

$Saving$: Saving money seems to be one of the big draws of cloth diapering! Some people will argue that you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars with cloth diapering (which you can)…but we’re probably not going to…at least not with our first kiddo. I’m all about paying for convenience (so why not pay for sposies? Illogical, I know… but $ wasn’t my only why!) and since I’m still working and bringing in some dough I have the convenience of paying for convenience! The next time around…not so much, but it will be okay because we’ll already have our stash! Our real savings will come with kiddoes 2, 3, and….who knows how many babies we’ll have!

Decreased Rashes: I’ve also read that babies who are cloth diapered get fewer rashes. This was probably my biggest reason for choosing cloth! You’ll hear my concerns about this in my next blog…hesitations! And let me tell you…there are more concerns than I’d like at this point!

Green: Another big draw is the environmental impact. I’ve never been super “green”, but I can say it feels good to have more go out in the recycling every week than the garbage and I’ll feel good about not throwing all of those sposies away!

Fewer Blowouts: I’ve read that babies who are cloth diapered have fewer blowouts too!

Earlier Potty Training: Because cloth diapers don’t have those chemical absorbers babies in cloth feel more wet which I’ve read can lead to earlier potty training! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one!

Adorable Prints: Fluff butts are adorable. They have the cutest cloth diaper prints these days!

Not Your Grandma’s Cloth Diapering: Cloth diapering has come a long way since our parents and (especially) grandparents did it! There are tons of different options out there that make cloth diapering a heck of a lot easier than it was years ago. When you read about my stash you’ll see that I’ve still chosen to go pretty “old school” with cloth diapering and I’ll explain why!

I’ve got plenty of hesitations too, but for some reason I feel like cloth diapering is just something I should do and at this point we’ve got a starter stash and have invested enough money that there really isn’t any going back now! Wish us luck!



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