Baby Newell’s Nursery

Time for a nursery reveal! This nursery has literally been a work in progress for (almost) 3 years…it’ll be 3 years in January. At first, I went back and forth between being practical and going all out. And then I had miscarriage after miscarriage and it quickly became an all out project. A good deal of  the designing/purchases took place after miscarriages, between pregnancies. Planning (and actually putting together) the nursery became therapeutic and helped me cope with each miscarriage. Much of the time the nursery door stayed shut, but there were plenty of times when I’d just go in there and sit, look around, dream, design, and do. I had just about everything purchased and/or put together (furniture and decorations—not actual baby gear) before we were even pregnant with Baby Newell due December 3rd. All I’ve done this pregnancy is hang the decorations and fine tune the furniture placement along with putting all of our teeny tiny baby items where they belong. I know that our babies will only be teeny tiny babies who we rock to sleep for a short time and I decided I’m going to rock my sweet babes to sleep in the nursery of my dreams. So now I present to you my 34 month in the making nursery! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!


Looking in from the doorway. I think I’ve done a pretty good job making it unisex. I was worried the coral was a little too girly but I think the arrows balance it out nicely the other way. The neutral gray and white furniture make it feel calm and peaceful while at the same time the pops of bright color make it fun and playful.


The changing station. The handing shelf unit is from Hobby Lobby and the dresser is from Pottery Barn. The basket on the dresser was a Home Goods grand opening purchase!


The little elephant on the shelf was one of my first purchases in January of 2015. The theme (grey, turquoise/mint, coral/orange, elephants, and giraffes) developed from the purchase of this elephant and a giraffe wall hanging you’ll see later! I got the elephant basket on top from Target, stumbled upon the giraffe “piggy bank” at Tuesday Morning, and have had that little wooden giraffe since I was a kid. I think I got it at the San Diego Zoo when I was in elementary school! My mom sent the sign up top and those little hot air balloons are decorations from my baby shower.


Another view. I’ve not spared one inch of this room!


The mirrors, Be Brave sign, and cross are from Hobby Lobby. I painted the mirrors to match the color scheme. My mom made the small cross stitch sign and the adorable Noah’s Arc stained glass hanging in the window. Once we know if baby Newell is a boy or girl-and the name-she’ll finish another cross stitch that will go on the wall to the left of the rocker. The rocker was a huge Pottery Barn SPLURGE! I got some unexpected money from my TDY trip to West Point 2 years after I returned and immediately went and ordered the rocker and I am in LOVE. I can’t wait to breastfeed my baby in that rocker and I truly think it will look great in any room of our house once our babies are no longer babies! The rug is also from Pottery Barn. My mom found the blanket on sale online at Target after my baby shower and it could not be more perfect. The elephant (which you know Jake likes to trade his ball for) is from Target also. I’m pretty sure the lamp is from Target too! The poof foot rest is from land of nod and I found the grey table at Ross or Marshall’s quite some time ago. Everything has seriously been purchased and pieced together over 2+ years.


I fell in love with a crib that matches our dresser but just couldn’t spend that much on a crib (at least not after splurging on the dresser and rocker), but was lucky to find this Carter’s convertible crib in excellent condition on our neighborhood Facebook yard sale page for $100. It’s pure white while the dresser is a cream/off-white but they really look fine together. I made the banner above the crib. I’ve actually made 4. I made 1 with our boy name and one with our girl name 2 years ago and didn’t like it this pregnancy so I made new ones! The curtains, crib sheet, and pull toys are from Amazon. I couldn’t find a crib skirt I liked and stumbled upon an Etsy shop that made them so I had the crib rail covers, crib skirt, and changing pad covers custom made from Leah Ashley ( The owner is AWESOME! There are multiple fabric color/pattern options to choose from and you pick what you want where. We emailed back and forth multiple times with pictures of the crib and measurements to make sure they would fit properly and I got them fast. You can also get matching curtains, crib sheets, pillows, etc. And seriously great customer service! The mobile and the little orange beaded elephant on the grey stand in the previous photo are from Grassroots Uganda. It’s an organization that sells crafts made from women in Uganda. My mom bought them for me at a church bazaar a while back.


The decorations on the wall are from Hobby Lobby and the weekly tracker blocks are from a shop on Etsy. The striped bins are from Land of Nod and the other bin was a Ross or Marshalls purchase some time ago.  The books were all baby shower gifts! I had the elephant and giraffe pictures specially matted and I mounted the elephant head on a board I cut out and covered with scrapbook paper. Daniel made the cubby and I painted it!


The giraffe hanging was that other purchase from January 2015 that inspired the theme of the nursery. The light switch cover is from Hobby Lobby and I got the elephant night light from an Etsy shop. The books were all baby shower gifts and I made the book slings. That wall space between the bedroom door and closet doors is tiny and not really functional, but I saw the book sling idea on Pinterest a couple of years ago and new it would be the perfect solution for that space. It doesn’t actually hold tons of books but it’s super cute and I love that the books face out! I made the book slings the day of our (failed) IUI to keep myself busy and my mind occupied.


A look at the closet. The left closet door doesn’t open all of the way due to the cubby…I truly have every inch of that nursery accounted for!


Not the cutest storage solution, but functional. Mostly breast pumping, bath time, and cloth diaper storage.


Some cuter storage solutions on the left side. The grey and white baskets on the top shelf are from Ross or Marshalls and the blue baskets were a gift. I made the little labels and will use those baskets to store too small or too big clothes. Right now I just have a boys clothes and a girls clothes basket until we find out what we to hang up! The door hanger and “burp rag hanger” are from Amazon. I used a command hook to hang mesh laundry bags on the wall behind the hamper so we can put tiny things like baby socks and mittens in the bag and just throw it in the washer so we don’t lose too many socks! I also made closet dividers to divide the hanging clothes by size.


Daniel made the closet cubby and I painted it 2 years ago last month! More striped baskets from Land of Nod and the basket on the top shelf match the basket on the dresser, both from Home Goods. This cubby is basically cloth diaper and pumping storage with some blankets on top as well as random things like pacifier clips and pacifiers in the basket on top.


That’s it! Let me know if you’d like to know more specifically where I got something or what brand it is! Only 6ish weeks until we meet this little one! Until then I’ll be daydreaming in that rocker!


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