6 EASY Ways to be More Healthy RIGHT NOW!

After gaining 14lb. in 1 month while pregnant with Jackson, I decided I needed to put an end to the excessive weight gain right away. I joined an amazing workout group called Stroller Strong Moms (aka S.L.A.M -Sweat Like A Mother) when I was 28 weeks pregnant. SLAM curtailed the weight gain and I was able to stay within the recommended weight for my pregnancy.

Fast forward to the postpartum period! I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within about a month of having Jackson and headed back to SLAM around 6 weeks postpartum. Right in time for the 2018 SLAM Fitness Challenge. I didn’t participate in the challenge like I had planned (new mommin’ was harder than I imagined), but we’ve since implemented some of the lessons I learned throughout the challenge and I’m now below my pre-pregnancy weight and we feel a whole lot better after implementing some of these tips!

Use broth instead of oil/butter

This is one of the tips I learned from the nutritionist during the fitness challenge. Instead of using oil or butter to keep things from sticking to the pan while cooking use vegetable or chicken broth!

Eat More Veggies

We’ve started spiralizing veggies and swapping them into meals instead of pasta. This one may not be doable RIGHT NOW if you don’t have a spiralizer, but it’s such a great way to add more veggies to the diet. Veggies add so much more flavor than pasta too! You could also just use spaghetti squash if you don’t want to purchase a spiralizer, but Amazon has some that are pretty affordable. Click on the pics below to check them out on Amazon.

This is a very practical spiralizer! (I can’t vouch for this one since we went for broke and bought an entire food processor with spiralizer).

Costco got the best of us and we purchased this food processor with spiralizer.

Daniel also makes a daily smoothie packed full of veggies. He adds full fat Greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana, 1 orange, some frozen berries, a handful of spinach, baby carrots, and cauliflower! The smoothies honestly taste good and we’re getting 3 different colored veggies into our diet…at breakfast!


Stir fry with zoodles (spiralized zucchini) instead of noodles! We add chicken!


Make & Pack Your Breakfast & Lunch

This one takes a little bit of time, but it’s honestly not that hard and is completely doable. We plan a little time into our Sundays to meal prep breakfast and lunches for the week ahead. Soldiers and nurses get to work early and often don’t eat breakfast at home before heading in to work. That doesn’t mean you have to eat at the DFAC or stop for fast food on the way in. You’ll save money and eat healthier by packing your lunch…and breakfast too!

I make breakfast “muffins” nearly every Sunday. We do add a breakfast meat and cheese, but we also pack them full of veggies and they’re still better than pancakes, donuts, or fast food breakfast sandwiches. I sauté a bunch of veggies (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach) and spoon them into a muffin pan which I’ve lined with ham or I cook up some sausage or bacon to spoon into each tin. Top the veggies and meat with a little cheese and then poor scrambled eggs into the tins and bake to complete the breakfast “muffins”. Pop them into the microwave for 1 minute and you’ve got a great breakfast.

I make enough of these for me too! Our mornings are so busy I definitely wouldn’t eat a good breakfast if I did have these on hand.


Egg muffins ready for the oven.


Eliminate Sweet Treats During the Week

Daniel and I used to have a bowl of ice cream every night, not to mention everything I snacked on during the day. We’ve cut our nightly ice cream and daytime snacking and have noticed a huge difference in how we feel. Mostly on the weekends when we don’t feel so hot thanks to our sweet treat indulgences. I think this is the #1 reason I now weigh less than I did before pregnancy!

Walk Your Dog

This isn’t something new we’ve implemented, but it’s such a great way to get more exercise. It’s amazing how many people don’t walk their dogs regularly. Taking your dog for a 20 minute walk every day will seriously increase your step count and your dog will love you for it too! You can squeeze 20 minutes into your day!

Everything in Moderation, Even Moderation

I’m a firm believer in taking everything in moderation…even moderation. Sometimes you just need to have a big bowl of ice cream at 9 in the morning. Sometimes you get a sharing size bag of Twix from your Secret SLAM Sister and don’t share! Sometimes you need to really crack down and not allow yourself ANY indulgences. But most of the time I think moderation is key.

What are some EASY things you do to be more healthy?


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