for the DADS from the WIVES & CHILDREN

Today’s posts are not about what I have to say so I’ll just say I’m so glad I added a survey for the wives and children because these answers melted my heart! We all have some pretty great dads in our lives! Such sweet memories!

QUESTION:  What’s 1 (or more) thing your dad did while you were growing up that you’ll always remember?

My dad never missed anything. He was at EVERY game we ever played in. Not only was he at our games, but he filmed them…even some of my volleyball games. One time he yelled “you’re running like a duck” while I was running the 2 mile at a track meet and the girl running next to me said, “Nice coach!” and I was like, “That’s not my coach, that’s my dad!”

My mom did most of the Christmas shopping, but every year my dad picked out something to go in my stocking. It was really important to him to handpick something himself for my stocking.

Funny story. My dad died when I was 6. One of the few things I remember was him teaching me how to pee standing up. I missed the toilet and hit the clothes hamper. I remember him laughing really hard.

Always being at all of our sporting events and anything else we were involved in.

I remember going outside with my dad to listen to thunder and watch lightning! He would always talk about how it was people in heaven bowling. Thunder was them hitting the pins and lightning was them getting a strike. Now that my mom has passed I like to believe that she is having a blast bowling in heaven giving us some of the best thunderstorms!

Took me to baseball games.

Played a game where he would say here come the pincher bugs and then lightly pinch my legs, arms and body a few times. I would laugh and squirm and wait for the pincher bugs again.

My Dad would take me shopping for summer clothes and winter clothes, so twice a year. Just me and him. We would go out to lunch and shopping. He would rate the outfits A, B or C depending on how they looked on me. He always wanted me to look like a young lady. Of course I always picked whatever he said was an “A” because I appreciated him spending that special time with me & I wanted him to be proud of me when he saw me in the outfit he liked the best.❤️

Daddy/daughter dates.

I always was a daddy’s girl. I especially remember him taking me to a USC football game at the Los Angeles Colosseum . There were many times just he and I went places or did things together.

I always loved snuggling under my dad’s arm during church 😍


Taking us to the clinic on Sundays after church while he caught up on charting his patients. This was to give my mother a much needed break. Seven kids at that time… We kids had a blast.

My dad took time for QUALITY time with me and with our family. He was (and still is) always working, but when he had time off, he made sure the family time was his priority above all else. If something HAD to be done right away, he found a way to get all four of us kiddos involved.

QUESTION:  What’s 1 thing (or more) your husband does/did with/for your children that melts your heart, blows your mind, etc? I’ll gladly accept all answers, but I’d love to hear the “little” things your partner does that he probably doesn’t even know you notice!

When my son gets cranky or upset during bath time my husband picks him up and snuggles him and doesn’t care that he gets soaking wet in the process. I also love watching him be a boy with his boy.

I love watching him look at books with our boys. Our youngest is obsessed with animals and wants to know everything about them. He has several books and he likes when he can show them to his dad and tell him all about the animals! Just the other day they were looking for animals in his seek and find book while I was folding laundry. I could sit back and watch that every day no other distractions in the house, just the two of them talking about the different animals they were finding!

I always loved watching him sleep with the boys as babies on his chest.

The older he gets the more outwardly emotional he gets and he tears up over his kids and grand kids and I can see how much he loves them.

Made sure they remembered my Birthday and Mother’s Day. Helping them plan the celebration.

Playing on the floor with them…laughing uncontrollably with them…and dancing with them! Top three!

Every night he has a ritual with each kid. For my daughter he reads a book, gets a kiss on his cheek, kisses her cheek, hugs her then says I love you girlie and goodnight gorilla (we used to read her the goodnight gorilla book so it was her favorite). For my son they take turns growling at each other 🤣 (they both find it hilarious) then he tells him he loves him. The I love you’s is what gets me most. I want them to always know/ feel how daddy loves them (as I didn’t have that growing up).

He was a great dad. I have a pic of him laying on the couch with all 4 kids piled on top of him and they’re all laughing. He always held my hand at every opportunity.

I love that he gets down and wrestled with them. I love it even more when he tells me how much fun the kids are after he spends alone time with them.


My kids would say teaching them to hunt, fish, camp, play cards etc. I will always admire how he was not afraid to help with household chores. Without a word, he taught our son to be a better husband and our girls to not accept that some things are for men and some things are for women.


Hubby took daughter on canoe camping & fishing trips since she was 4 yrs old…. Adventure they still enjoy as adults.

It may be small, but any time my kiddos want to read a book with him/to him/have him read a book to them, he stops what he is doing (if it isn’t important) and reads. To them and to me, that time spent is irreplaceable and oh so important.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! You are so special, important, and irreplaceable to us all.


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