3 Closet Hacks: 1 for You, 2 for Baby

If you have a dysfunctional closet or continuously lose baby socks, this post is for you!

Our master walk-in closet is tiny and dysfunctional. There is a wall sticking out right as you open the door and then a bar for clothes hanging on either side of the wall. It’s a bit tricky to explain, but we don’t have tons of rack space and that wall was completely wasted space until I came up with a solution. The wall houses something important (possibly our HVAC), but COME ON…you can’t sacrifice MASTER closet space…not even for A/C!

My solution? I purchased a double towel bar like the one below (image links to Amazon) and mounted it on the wall. We use it to hang ties, belts, and scarves and it works perfectly. I’m probably going to install one in all of our future closets, even if we don’t need it to fix a dysfunctional space because it works so perfectly to easily find what I’m looking for.


Are you constantly losing baby socks during the washing process? This hack is for you! I purchased a small mesh laundry bag WITH HANGING LOOP and Command Hooks! Mount the Command hook on the wall right next to your hamper and hang one of the mesh laundry bags on it. Throw dirty baby socks in the mesh bag and then zip up the bag and throw it in the wash with the rest of your baby clothes. No more lost socks…at least not while washing. I don’t have any suggestions for keeping them on your baby’s foot!


Now on to storing those baby socks! I bought clothespin bags to hang in the closet for all of those tiny baby socks! It’s not super fancy, but it works. I use the different colors for different “types” of socks. Socks that go with outfits, socks with grips, and socks without grips, for example! It’s so easy to reach into the bag and pull out a pair of socks and they aren’t taking up drawer space. You may value closet space more than drawer space, but I have a little boy so we don’t have much to hang!


There you have it…3 simple closet hacks to help keep track of baby socks, scarves, ties, and belts! What are your closet hacks?


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