Daily Ritual

This post is mostly a product of boredom at work. I’ve got to find something to do to make the time pass on my 12hr night shift with no patients. Smoothies have become an (almost) daily ritual in our house. I only have one a few times a week, but Daniel has them daily for first breakfast. I’m trying to kick a cold so I decided to have a big smoothie for dinner tonight. Check out what’s in my smoothie!


Start with fruit! Because fruit is what makes it taste good! 1 banana, 2 mandarin oranges, ~5 strawberries, and 1 peach. I think I’ve met my fruit quota for the day!


Add some veggies. Because veggies are healthy and it’s hard to get all of those daily veggie servings. I added kale and carrots.


Add some weeds. Because why not? This is purslane which apparently is a weed found in many gardens but it’s a weed that I’m told is high in Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids. I was also told it has a hint of a lemony flavor….but mostly it just tastes like weeds.


Add some ice. Because it will taste better if it’s cold.


Ready to blend!




Keep blending. Because you don’t want chunks.


Enjoy! I can’t decide if the purslane wasn’t awesome in it or if my freshly brushed teeth contributed to the odd taste. I think it was the latter because the more I drank the better it tasted 🙂


And some Tastefully Simple Sweet Mulled Cider with YL Thieves Essential Oil. Because cider is tasty, Thieves is AWESOME, and I’m going to kick this cold! 


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