My Favorite Things!

Am I the only one who starts singing a certain song when I read the title of this post? It’s been stuck in my head ALL DAY! Hint:  It’s from The Sound of Music! If it wasn’t stuck in your head but is now…you’re welcome 🙂

This is another random post that really isn’t full of mind blowing/earth shattering words of wisdom and deep thoughts! BUT….there are some really great “things” in this world that you may not know exist! These are things I REALLY like and feel the need to share with you! I should probably get some compensation for promoting these products 🙂 I WILL NOT be offended if you skip right on past this blog! BUT if you’d like to learn about the BEST cookies or the GREATEST facial moisturizer and regimen (all my personal opinion, of course) read on! I’ve also hidden some financial advice and an organization tip within the post! If you’d rather hold out for some mind blowing/earth shattering reading material stay tuned! Okay…I don’t think any of my writings will be mind blowing or earth shattering, BUT I’ve definitely got some “deeper” thoughts coming your way in the near future! I’ve already written 3 of them and I’ve got 2 more brewing. Can’t guarantee I’ll share them all, but I’ll definitely share some.

So…without further ado…these are a few of my favorite things! The first several “things” are food/drinks and then I’ll finish with my inedible favorites. If you don’t feel like reading my lengthy descriptions you can still scroll through and check out the photos of my favorite things.

These Sweet Treats


Okay…I know you are well aware that Twix and Marshmallows exist in this world, but they really are some of my favorite things and I feel like you should know! Twix are just delicious and by far my favorite candy bar and my first choice 99% of the time! If you know me even the tiniest bit you probably already know how much I love marshmallows…think PEEPS! PEEPS are by far my favorite marshmallow product, but I really love them all. Have you ever had homemade marshmallows? If you haven’t you should probably consider making some this weekend. They might even rank higher than PEEPS in my book! There’s a little chocolate shop in Bozeman near 7th and Main by the bike shop that puts homemade marshmallows on their hot chocolate…so good! My favorite way to eat marshmallows is on hot chocolate…you know, when they’re all melted and gooey! I don’t even drink hot chocolate for the chocolate. It’s all about the marshmallows. Okay…enough about marshmallows. I do realize that entire paragraph was completely ridiculous.

These Vitamins


Alright, I’m sure they’re not the greatest choice for a vitamin, BUT I always remember to take them and I figure a vitamin taken (because you actually remember) is better than a vitamin forgotten! I look forward to taking my daily vitamins because they taste so good! I actually ran to the store to buy REGULAR gummies after eating these the fist time because I wanted more but didn’t want to overdose on vitamins! I’ve since developed more self control and am satisfied with just 2 gummy vitamins!

These Cookies


I’m obviously addicted to sweets considering my first 4 favorites things are all SWEET! It really is an addiction, but I’ve been doing fairly good limiting myself to 1 sweet per day…vitamins not included 😉 These cookies were strategically placed at the end of the aisle on a little pop up display one day while I was hungry shopping so I just had to have them! Let me tell you…these little cookie bites are so. darn. good. I’m pretty sure it’s because they kind of taste more like cookie dough than a baked cookie. I won’t go on about these cookies any further, but if I were you I would definitely buy them if you happen to see them at your store!

These Seasonings


Because I can’t eat junk food and desserts all the time! Plus + I really do love healthy food too and I love Tastefully Simple’s seasonings. They are so much better than store bought seasonings. There’s just something about them! My favorites are Rustic Herb, Garlic Garlic, and Onion Onion BUT you can’t go wrong with any of them. They add great flavor to healthy meals like chicken and veggies and I pretty much add them to everything I cook.

Not THIS Chai Tea Latte, but Chai Tea Lattes


There’s nothing wrong with Dunkin’ Donut’s vanilla chai latte, it’s just not the BEST chai latte! The flavor is great, it’s really silky, and 100x better than Starbucks, but still not my favorite! I know people love Starbucks, but they don’t know how to do chai. Tastefully Simple has great chai (also 100x better than Starbucks) and nothing wrong with it (like Dunkin’ Donuts) but it’s still not my favorite! The great thing about Tastefully Simple is that you can make it at home and save a lot of money not going to coffee shops, but the same is true with my favorite. So…my FAVORITE chai lattes come from Green Beans Coffee. They have actual coffee shop locations, but you can also purchase their coffee and chai online. There aren’t many locations and I’ve only ever seen 1 (in Texas), but their chai is the best. I have never actually purchased (or tried) the chai they have available online (I try not to drink my calories) so I can’t guarantee it’s as good as the chai I got from their coffee shop but I have a feeling it’s the same stuff!

Tastefully Simple Chai

Green Beans Chai

This Salad Dressing


No lengthy description for this one! I’ll just tell you it’s my favorite salad dressing and you should try it!

These Left Hand Accessories


I don’t feel the need to explain my wedding ring! So…my watch! Not this watch particularly, although Timex Ironman watches are the only ones I ever buy, but watches in general. How do people (especially nurses) make it through the day without a watch? I feel naked without it!  I also have a “pretty” watch for when I get dressed up because I can’t stand not wearing a watch but don’t feel right wearing my beat up “sports” watch with a dress!

This Diffuser


I love my Young Living diffuser (and essential oils). A diffuser is awesome because it makes the house smell great (like Scentsy warmers) BUT it also has health benefits. I won’t go on any further because I have an entire tab up above dedicated to essential oils!

Workout Shirts Like THIS


I’ve always been a (athletic) shorts and (baggy) t-shirt kind of girl and I’ve always been a little irritated with those girls who wear cute little outfits to the gym. I’ve always thought, “You’re not here to look cute you’re here to sweat and workout.” Who cares what other people wear to the gym? Silly, I know. Oddly enough…a few weeks ago I saw one of these little workout shirts at the PX for a great price and decided to get it. Pink too! What was I thinking? Turns out these little workout shirts are the best and I’ve been missing out! I now realize girls don’t wear them to look cute; they wear them because they’re comfortable (image that)! Looking cute is just an added bonus! They really are super comfortable and keep me so much cooler than my usual t-shirt! I’ve had my t-shirts since high school and college (and really, they work just fine) and these shirts cost $$ so I probably won’t be buying many more but I’ll wear the heck out of the one I’ve got!

This Binder


This is my “everything” binder, my “command center” and it is great! It helps me stay organized and is great because I have so many things I need in one easy to access place. I’ve got a list of family birthdays with their addresses, cards, and stamps which means I’m more likely to get a card in the mail and wish them a Happy Birthday (still doesn’t happen all the time or on time). It’s got monthly calendars for the entire year. It’s where I keep our most recent monthly bills until they’re filed away in their permanent home (or shredded). It’s where I keep business cards for every business we ever use or may need to contact (cable, insurance, salon, plumber, dog walker, pest control, trash company, EVERYONE). It’s where I keep coupons I know I’ll have a use for. It’s where a write my to-do lists and gift ideas. It really is awesome and it’s cute so I don’t have to hide it away and can have it handy to reference daily!

This Face Regimen


I’ve already talked about my homemade Young Living essential oil face wash in a previous blog. I continue to use and love it! Now let me tell you about the most amazing face lotion! I love my homemade body cream, but haven’t been able to find a homemade facial moisturizer that I love. I’ve also never been able to find a commercial product that I love either. My face NEEDS a moisturizer but the homemade ones aren’t quite right (too heavy) and the commercial products haven’t worked for me either (even the light ones I’ve tried). UNTIL NOW! A few weeks ago while I was shopping in the PX I stumbled upon a little lotion from The Body Shop. It was completely out of place in the store and all by itself. I’d been using (and loving) Tea Tree essential oil on my face with great results so the lotion caught my attention because it’s called “Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion” (infused with Tamanu oil which is 1 of the ingredients in my homemade face wash). So I bought the lotion and started using it right away BUT (and this part is really important) I’ve been adding 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil to it before rubbing it in! The results have been amazing! For the first time in years my skin is finally starting to look happy and healthy! I’ve finally found a skin care regimen that works and have thrown away all of the other products I’ve been using for years with minimal success! I’ve been to the PX a few times since buying that wonderful little lotion and haven’t been able to find it. I journeyed to the PX again today with hopes of finding the lotion and I FOUND IT so I bought 3 more! It’s about $7 cheaper at the PX than it is on Amazon and I’m not sure if the PX in NC will carry it so I had to stock up!

So…my new face regimen that is actually working:

1) During my morning shower: First I wash my face with Apricot Scrub because I need to exfoliate. I’m probably going to switch to a homemade essential oil sugar scrub or The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub VERY soon! Then I wash my face with my homemade essential oil face wash! It’s really great for MANY reasons! Next I use a Norwex anti-bacterial microfiber body cloth to wipe away the excess oils. I think I’ll probably start using an exfoliator a few times a week instead of every day since I’m using the Norwex cloth which also exfoliates. I may be over exfoliating.

2) After my shower: I immediately use my new Body Shop lotion with an extra drop of Young Living Tea Tree essential oil. It has a cooling effect which is very refreshing. Tea Tree is the BEST for skin care! I got The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner today too so I’ll start adding that before my lotion.

3) At the end of the day: I wash my face with plain water. If I wear makeup (very rarely) I’ll use a Norwex suede makeup removal cloth! It takes care of everything…just the cloth and water! If my face is feeling super dry I put some more lotion on (Tea Tree from The Body Shop) but I usually don’t. Sometimes I’ll put a drop of Frankincense essential oil on my face after washing. Frankincense is AWESOME but it’s pricy so I only use it a few times a week! There’s an oil called elemi which has been referred to as “poor man’s frankincense”. It’s supposed to be really great for skin (like Frank) but more affordable so I’ll probably get that so I can add an essential oil to my nightly routine every day instead of a few times a week.

So there you have it, my facial regimen. The PX is also one of my favorite things but most of my “followers” won’t have access to a PX so it didn’t make the “official” list! All I’ll say is:  tax free, conveniently located, brand name products (Nike, The Body Shop, etc.), & incredible prices.

This Online Store


Amazon Prime is fantastic. I don’t have to leave the house (I don’t love shopping), great prices, just about anything you could ever need, and free shipping. Need I say more? Well, I will! I also love Amazon for its wish lists. I’ve created a wish list for Daniel since I can never think of what to get him when it’s actually time to get him something but often think of things throughout the year. I just add whatever I think of to the wish list I created for him and it’s waiting for me when Christmas, our Anniversary, or his birthday come around. No peeking now that you know, Daniel! I also have my own wish list which I love because it’s a great way to decide if I really want/need something. Instead of buying something right away I’ll put it in my wish list instead. Occasionally I log on and look through my wish list and most of the time I delete a lot of items. This tells me I didn’t really want/need it so it’s a good thing I didn’t just buy it right away. Some things remain on the wish list for months and I’ll finally buy it or it’ll eventually get deleted. I’ve had a vacuum on my wish list for over a year! Who wishes for a vacuum? Only 2 rooms in our house have carpet (one is the guest room) so I won’t be getting it any time soon but it’s staying on that wish list 🙂 Do you make random, unnecessary purchases and regret them later? Try the Amazon wish list trick! It’ll help your budget, you can reward yourself with an item from your wish list when a reward is deserved (promotion, reached a goal, etc.), and your husband will know what to get you for your birthday (hint, hint Daniel…just kidding)!

There you have it… all some of my favorite things!


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