Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Yesterday I had my first experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Below is a little synopsis of my appointment.

I went into the little acupuncture room and she asked me to stick out my tongue. Then she asked me to lift it up. She looked on top of and beneath my tongue about 5 times and started asking me questions. Most of her questions were right on…things I AM experiencing. All of her questions were leading, but I only really said no a few times.

She asked me about my BMs…and she was spot on. You get pain on the left side of your abdomen?…no, not particularly. You get pain in your back, mostly on your left side?…no, not particularly.

The first day of your cycle is really heavy? You get cold hands and feet? You have weird dreams? You have a sweet tooth? You’re forgetful? Yes, sometimes, sometimes, YES, maybe?!

Speaking of weird dreams…last night I had a dream that my patient was having a C-section which I didn’t realize until after the entire procedure was over and I was helping her with her baby because during the procedure she was actually getting a knee replacement. The entire dream I was freaking out because during the procedure they replaced her eye balls, teeth, and fingers. I just knew they were stealing her identity (fingerprinting, retinal scanning, and x-ray identification of teeth???) and nobody seemed to be concerned. I just kept going from Dr. to nurse to Dr. telling them what happened and nobody cared and I was so mad! The dream ended with me putting a Foley catheter in myself and leaving work. Weird stuff.

Back to the appointment now…

After all of the tongue assessments and questioning she said, “Your diet isn’t a problem. You eat meat and greens.” Well, yes I do, but we never talked about that! Many times throughout the appointment she paused and looked up and started thinking. One of those times she said (to herself), “Oh, I got it now. That was slow. I know what the problem is.” Then she said, “I’m sure you were expecting to come in here and get some acupuncture to help you relax and relieve some stress.” Well yes, kind of. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. “I will do that, but I think you have a hormonal imbalance and need to reset your uterus so I’m going to recommend some herbs and we’ll do acupuncture.”

wp-image-1400528504jpg.jpgSo we did acupuncture and it really wasn’t a big deal. She put a needle in the webbing of my hands, by my big toes, near my ankles, and on the inside of my knees. There may have been a few more but I didn’t notice if there were. I felt some of them go in but it was significantly less painful (really not painful at all) than allowing my student nurse to start 3 IVs on me last week. After the needles were placed she put on some music, left the room, and I feel asleep. She actually startled me when she came back in and I didn’t notice she was there until she was pulling needles out of my feet! She recommended some herbal supplements and I was on my way, but not without some bubble tea!

AF (Aunt Flow) decided she was making the rules this month and came several days late which means we will not be doing IUI in August (I’ll be in MT when we would need to do it) and we won’t be doing IUI in September because Daniel won’t be around when the timing is right. At first (okay, for about a week) I was really upset and cried every day and I’m still not thrilled about the 2 month delay. I’m trying to see the silver lining and thinking of the delay as an opportunity to run a lot (I won’t be able to run — or do anything that will make my non-existent pony tail bounce — once I start the injections so I’m going to try my hardest to get my butt out of bed and actually run), refresh my hormones and uterus, and take a break from the horrible medications. I’m also going to pray really hard and get a hold on my stress and emotions because they have both been through the roof.

Basically these 2 months will be our last chance to get pregnant (and stay pregnant) on our own, without the help of modern medicine, but maybe a little help from Chinese medicine. Please pray for THAT first and foremost and if I’m still not pregnant in 2 months pray for the medications and IUI to work (and be kind to me–specifically the medications).



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