Shark Week

My goal has been to be completely transparent as I’m sharing our infertility journey with you all. That means sharing the good, the bad, and the CRAZY (coming soon). I’m not being completely transparent if I withhold parts of this journey. So today we’re going to talk about shark week. If you’re a man this is your warning to continue reading at your own risk. I don’t think men should be sheltered from things like the menstrual cycle because every woman gets or has gotten a period and its entire purpose is the creation of life and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Still…I don’t mind giving you a heads up!

Aunt flow. Period. Menstrual cycle. Or shark week as we refer to it in our house. My emotions aren’t really too out of control during shark week and I don’t think I’m mean, but that’s just the name that stuck thanks to this meme. I’m actually more emotional and crave #allthejunkfood the week before my period which we refer to as pre-shark week.

For many women shark week comes as a relief. Annoying? Yes. But still a relief. THANK GOODNESS I’M NOT PREGNANT. I’ve never been in that position, but I know there are plenty of women who have!

For anyone trying to get pregnant, but especially those struggling with infertility it’s just a BIG FAT reminder that you’re NOT pregnant. A big, fat, ugly, CRUEL reminder you’re not pregnant. Not only does it tell you you’re not pregnant which just plain sucks, but then you still have to suffer through the bleeding, bloating, and cramping. And it means you’re back on the roller coaster against your will. More waiting…for ovulation…then the 2 week wait and the constant over analyzing of symptoms and the daily struggle of talking yourself out of taking a pregnancy test because you’ll find out soon enough when shark week makes an appearance…or not. As annoying and disappointing as the appearance of shark week is…for some reason starting your period is a teeny tiny bit easier to handle than a negative pregnancy test. They mean the exact same thing but the appearance of shark week is less disappointing than 1 single line staring back at you. At least for me.

This month was the 1st time I’ve actually cheered on shark week! Come on shark week. Shark week, you better be here by Wednesday. Where are you shark week? I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for shark week because it means we get to start trying on our own again post surgery and post IVF cancellation. I was really cheering it on because it needed to arrive ON TIME so we don’t miss ovulation due to crazy work schedules next month. Well…it came on time and it came with a vengeance. Worst. Shark Week. Ever. Apparently my uterus is making up for missing shark week the last 6 months. I haven’t had a real period since July because I’ve been pregnant, post miscarriage, pregnant, post miscarriage, on IVF birth control, and post hysteroscopy. This is my first true cycle since July and day 1 (and 2) were a real bad word. Horrible cramps and heavy bleeding. I took 800mg Motrin, 650mg Tylenol, sat under a hot shower for quite some time and then layered on Dragon Time, Panaway, & Copaiba essential oils real thick and still didn’t get complete relief from the cramping and “fullness”. Usually just 1 of those does the trick (except Tylenol….Tylenol sucks), but not this time. I have conversations with my uterus like, “Hey uterus, you better be causing this pain and misery because you’re shedding all the crap to prepare for the best lining anyone has every seen!” or “Hey uterus, you’ve got good things coming my way, right?”

From here on out I’ll be dreading the appearance of shark week so here’s to  hoping this is the last shark week I’ll experience for a while! I officially don’t want to see shark week again until 2018…after I’ve had a baby.


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