Thursday Thoughts

We recently found out we'll be moving in the fall of 2017 instead of the summer of 2018 and that changes so much for us in so many aspects of our life. That move means I won't have my first baby with the nurses and doctors FRIENDS who have supported me through more than 2 years of … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts

A Break from A Break

So it's day 7 of my fertility break and I've already changed the plan. I actually changed the plan on day 2 and am just now getting around to blogging about it. I'm a Type A freak and basically had an 8 pronged plan for my fertility break and was telling my co-workers (who are also my friends!) about it when … Continue reading A Break from A Break

Shark Week

My goal has been to be completely transparent as I'm sharing our infertility journey with you all. That means sharing the good, the bad, and the CRAZY (coming soon). I'm not being completely transparent if I withhold parts of this journey. So today we're going to talk about shark week. If you're a man this … Continue reading Shark Week